Today, astronomical values are circulating throughout the public, private and third sector ecosystems. Yet, trillions of dollars are persistently unaccounted for. As a result, public trust in how funds are being spent is falling.

The status quo becomes increasingly under threat; funding levels are unsustainable for the long-term future and stakeholders struggle to justify continuous support. It is those who are on the receiving end of these services that suffer the greatest impact. Inconsistent services and growing threats around what resources are available to them risk leaving the most vulnerable further disadvantaged.


Unaccounted for in
public spending annually


Fortune 500 firms
facing data problems


We believe data, leveraged in a way that empowers both organisations and end-users, is the key to addressing these major challenges. Access to transparent and trusted data offers organisations the capability of transforming how services are delivered. Decision making becomes data-led. For end-users, they gain control over secured, personal data; the basis for greater agency in everyday transactions.

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Utilising innovative technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, AID:Tech has developed and deployed proven solutions for governments, corporates and NGOs. Blockchain becomes the key to securely and transparently capturing data. And, AID:Tech’s proprietary technology enables advances in the management and dissemination of data. In time, artificial intelligence and machine learning will play key roles in making data available in ways that benefit and empower organisations and users.

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