What We Do

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Blockchain for transparent and trusted data

Driving data-led decision making for governments, corporates and consumers

Why we do this


Unaccounted for in public spending annually


Fortune 500 firms facing data problems


Donated in the US and the UK in 2018

Today, astronomical values are circulating throughout public, private and third sector ecosystems. Yet, trillions of dollars are persistently unaccounted for, public trust in how funds, such as governments spending and charitable contribution, are spent is increasingly falling and there continues to be many disadvantaged as a result of lack of access to services they are entitled to. At AID:Tech, we believe innovative technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key to reinserting trust in these processes.

AID:Tech's Solution


Unlock previously inaccessible data


Generate clean and relevant data


Detect anomalies and enable behavioural analysis


Data driven decision-making led by AI & ML

AID:Tech provides API integration connecting governments, corporates and consumers with our proprietary Transparency Engine platform. With digital identity at its core and blockchain as data capture and management tool, AI & ML are further implemented to make the most of information that is being made available.

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