• July 23, 2017

Back End Developer

Back End Developer

Back End Developer 150 150 AID:Tech
October 1, 2018
Dublin, Ireland
Job Type



  • Work as part of a collaborative team making a social impact
  • Develop proof-of-concepts and production-grade solutions by developing, deploying and integrating Blockchain technology with our clients’ information systems
  • Create robust backend APIs that can communicate with the front-end platform
  • Contribute to the technical and functional development of the AID:Tech platform
  • Use agile methodologies (Scrum, Test Driven Development, DevOps)



  • Hold a Degree in Computer Science or other relevant technical field
  • Linux terminal with bash/zsh (we use antigen with byobu)
  • Version control with git and GitHub, and workflows (e.g. git-flow)
  • Solid knowledge of programming flow control and data structures
  • Understanding of programming patterns (and anti-patterns to avoid)
  • Languages: Node.js
  • The React/Redux/Express stack
  • MVC and MVVM architectural patterns and web apps
  • SQL Databases (e.g. SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL) and ORMs (Sequelize)
  • NoSQL Databases (e.g. LevelDB, CouchDB)
  • Containers and microservices: DockerKubernetes, Helm

Good to have

  • Languages: Go, Python
  • JS code documentation (e.g. documentation, JSDoc, sphinx-js)
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) and unit-test suites (mocha + chai/sinon, jest, enzyme)
  • Cloud computing: Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.
  • Containers and microservices: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
  • Web technologies: NGINX, Apache Web Server
  • Deployment: Terraform, Packer
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, TravisCI

Kudos points

  • Data Science & ML knowledge: Python (pandas, matplotlib/seaborn, tensorflow/Keras), R or Scala
  • Blockchain knowledge and practical experience on permissionless (Bitcoin, Ethereum) or permissioned (Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, MultiChain, BigchainDB)
  • Cryptography/Math background (Asymmetric crypto, hashing, elliptical curve)


You understand what startups entail. Like us, you are lean and mean, and you are not a 9-5 kind of worker bee - you are happy to go an extra mile to make sure things are done, and done well.

You communicate clearly and decisively.

You are articulate, in both speech and writing, complex concepts and details, in a concise and simple manner.

You are well versed in remote collaboration - particularly great if you’re familiar with Slack and other communication tools. You are happy working both independently and as part of a close-knit team.

You set (ours and your) expectations realistically and strive to go above and beyond them.

We know you don’t know everything, and that is okay. But it is important you are keen to learn anything you set your mind to. You are continually learning and are never complacent about yourself and your skills.


You will undergo:

A 60 minute interview

The interview will ensure you actually have the abovementioned skills (we don’t expect you to have all skills, except in the “necessary” section). The technologies we use today are in bold.

A 1-2 week technical assessment

A moderately challenging technical problem where you will deliver something useful to AID:Tech. It will require some ingenuity and initiative on your part, and we will ask you to demonstrate it in action and later help us implement it for our purposes. We will of course assist if you get stuck on specific technical problems, so please stay in touch throughout, as we also want to see how we get on and communicate.

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