Product Features

Digital Identity

Leveraging Blockchain technology, AID:Tech provides Digital Identity and the delivery of Digital Entitlements. We provide our services to international development banks, charities as well as governments and private enterprises.

For client partners

AID:Tech provides Blockchain-based platforms to our client partners, providing them with the capacity to issue and assign Digital Identity as well as to make digital deliveries.

Working with end-users and merchant partners, the platform allows our client partners to provide seamless, transparent and traceable services, including remittances and welfare distribution.

For end-users

Via AID:Tech’s platform, end-users can receive unique Digital Identity profiles, remittance payments and entitlements.

These unique digital profiles serve as much-needed legal Identity for those currently excluded from formal recognition.

These profiles are also ‘wallets’ for end-users to hold and spend inbound entitlements (eg. remittance payments, in-kind aid, assistance and development packages).

For merchant partners

AID:Tech teams up with clients and sometimes merchant partners to provide streamlined solutions for last mile expenditure; when end-users purchase goods and services.

Once verified on the AID:Tech platform, merchants receive dedicated interface, which serves as point of sale and allow for end-users to redeem their entitlement in store.

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