Product Features

Digital Identity

order viagra jelly online in canada Leveraging Blockchain technology, AID:Tech offers our client partners the ability to provision Digital Identity.

viagra where to buy online Digital Identity is the gateway to add-on services, including the delivery of aid, welfare and remittances. We are currently working with international development banks, governments and private enterprises.

For end-users

go to site End-users with digital identity become part of the AID:Tech ecosystem. Each unique profile provisioned via the AID:Tech platform serve as verification tool and as digital wallet to hold, receive and spend entitlements made available.

For client partners

go here Our client partners provision digital identity using the AID:Tech platform and make digital deliveries to intended recipients. Underpinned by Blockchain technology, the platform provides our client partners with seamless, transparent and traceable services – providing a scope for evaluation and monitoring whilst also enforcing accountability.

For merchant partners

how do i buy viagra from tesco Merchant partners are provided with dedicated interface and serve as points of sale during the entitlement delivery process. AID:Tech and our client partners work with networks of merchant partners to provide streamlined solutions for last-mile expenditure traceability.

quanto costa viagra 20 mg farmacia For more information, please get in touch.

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