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Charities and organisations providing invaluable support to the vulnerable in the world rely heavily on voluntary donations. Challenges today surround how the sector can keep up with the times, whether it is to face the rise of humanitarian crises all around the world or the growing pressure on delivering tangible impact and cost effectiveness.

A particular trend seen across sectors and industries is the evolving consumer demand in the desire to see greater transparency and control over getting their value for money. People want to know where their food comes from, whether their clothing is ethically produced and how their investment environmentally and socially impacts the world. The same can be said for donations.

TraceDonate enables unparallel transparency across the entire donation journey by connecting donors, organisations and beneficiaries using AID:Tech’s proprietary technology.

  • Beneficiaries and appeals are verified and managed by organisations we partner with
  • Donors can donate to appeals, individuals or groups of individuals
  • Make payment with credit and debit cards
  • Donors receive real-time notifications on how their donations are spent by beneficiaries
  • Data automatically builds personal donation dashboards for insight into historical charitable activities

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