Transparency Engine

Product of innovative technologies to remove barriers and challenges faced by governments and corporates in the digital age

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Transparency Engine

Transforming payment and transfer services for institutions

We believe transparent and trusted data that empowers and protects one’s privacy will be the most important commodity in the next decade. But few are leveraging data to its full potential. Many systems are built in the yesteryears providing little to no insight on how things are done. Where data is available it is silo-ed and fragmented.

At the same time, changing consumer demand surrounding performance, transparency and control are driving the need for a transformation in both approach and processes is critical for the longevity of institutions and sectors.

Transparency Engine equips end-users with unique blockchain digital IDs, which are both an identity tool and a wallet for managing social and financial entitlements. For end-users, digital IDs widens access to services whilst allowing profiles to automatically build upon transactional data. These profiles empower end-users with control over their personal data.

An established gateway to social and financial services, institutions providing disbursement services benefit from unprecedented transparency and traceability over processes; from point of delivery to last-mile expenditure.

Transparency Engine

Leveraging blockchain technology and underpinned by digital identity

Transparency Engine

Transform entitlement disbursement with instant, traceable transfers

Transparency Engine

Provision of premium insight made possible with our technology

    Behind the scenes

  • Digitising goods and services as blockchain assets
  • Digital assets are instantaneously transferable between digital ID holders
  • Every transaction is securely documented on the blockchain, building the distributed ledger shared amongst the participating network
  • AID:Tech proprietary technology makes blockchain data structured and usable
  • Accumulation of data forms the basis for incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning for additional capabilities

    User Experience

  • End-users equipped with digital identity on mobile (in-app account)
  • With positive balance of entitlements, end-users can obtain goods and services they require at their convenience online or in store
  • Merchants at points of sale are able to validate claim to entitlement by verifying identity
  • Organisations have traceability over anonymised transaction data for monitoring and evaluation
  • All participants have variable access to data based on security and other pre-defined requirements - viewable and exportable as reports

Transparency Engine in action

Currently live on the ground with governments, corporates and NGOs.


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