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buy viagra brand online follow url Underpinned by Blockchain technology, AID:Tech has established a number of use cases that are implemented internationally. Our core offering lies in the delivery of digital entitlements via digital identity – we marry access with identity. go site AID:Tech’s Blockchain-based platforms encourages transparency and accountability over the distribution of resources.

International Aid AID:Tech’s platform enables the remote distribution of international aid. We can also provide digital identity in the form of smart cards with unique QR codes to achieve last mile provision. Beneficiaries can redeem their assistance and purchase goods and services via partner merchant vendors. Humanitarian agencies are able to transparently track resources distributed throughout the process.

Social Welfare

best viagra generic price Via the AID:Tech platform, social welfare can be distributed
through unique QR codes, either in the form of smart cards
or via mobile devices.

best website to buy viagra uk The use of unique digital identity allows for our client partners to document information such as eligibility, entitlement packages and implement systems such as automated periodic payments.

Remittances AID:Tech’s Blockchain-based remittance services adhere to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 10.C.

Working with a international payment processors and our client partners, the AID:Tech platform is implemented to allow international users to send and receive funds via digital identity. Available via open and closed loop systems ; funds sent can be allocated specifically for utility needs such as gas and electricity.

The following use cases are currently in development
and will be implemented in the near future:

– Peer-to-Peer Donations
– Forecast-based Financing
– Supply Chain Tracking

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