What We Do

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Aid:Tech is an award-winning company delivering enterprise level Blockchain solutions

We were the first company in the world to successfully deliver aid to Syrian refugees completely transparently using Blockchain technology.

Why we do this


Total Development Aid reached a New Peak in 2016


Benefit Expenditure lost due to Inefficiencies in the UK


Increase of ODA Spent on Hosting Refugees in Donor Countries


Official Development Aid lost to Fraud & Corruption

Today, more than 2 bn people in the world are living without access to formal financial services and 2.4 bn people are living without a legal identity. Concerns are constantly being raised by both public and private sectors about inefficiencies and illicit practices that directly impact progress in social and financial inclusion around the world. We believe that by bringing transparency and accountability to the landscape, systems can see great improvements and making it possible to put accessible solutions directly into people’s hands.

AID:Tech's Solution


Every Transaction Is Secured using a Distributed Ledger


Every Transaction Is Permanently Recorded And Can Be Traced From Start To Finish


All Transactions Are Instantly Verifiable


Records Cannot Be Manipulated On The Distributed Ledger

We provide enterprise level solutions to international NGOs, governments and corporates to help them tackle some of most entrenched issues in their fields. By making it possible to deliver digital entitlements through Blockchain technology and Digital Identity, we address some of the largest obstacles in global development, including legal identity, financial inclusion and corruption.

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