Decentralised Digital Identity
Platform for Transparent
and Trusted Data

We build products using blockchain, artificial
intelligence and machine learning to
empower people to manage their own data
securely and privately.

We believe the most important commodity in the next 10 years will
be your data. You should decide and control how it works for you.

What we don’t need for the future are indiscriminately more and more apps. It is about capacity building – whether is for governments, corporates, charities & NGOs, it is about systematically transforming how they can better serve their end-users.

AID:Tech’s goal is to empower by making data on everyday digital processes, including public service delivery, available to our partners and their end-users in a secure and transparent manner.
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Our products

AID:Tech’s products offer multifaceted benefits to organisations and end-users. With digital ID at the core, it acts as a reliable, flexible and secure gateway for add-on services. It is a way to securely make digital disbursements, to generate and manage transactional data, and most importantly, a personal tool that is much more than a verifiable identity.

Service delivery and digital disbursements for governments and corporates to users at scale.
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Bringing transparency to donations for NGOs, charities and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
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Our solutions are used by the biggest
organisations engineering for a better world
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Fabricating clouds

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Live now -

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Winning the Irish Times' Overall Innovation of the Year

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