Meet our team

Joseph Thompson
CEO | Co-Founder

Joseph Thompson

Joseph is the CEO of AID:Tech. He combines a background in management consultancy with considerable expertise in strategic IT management. Holding 2 IT related degrees, a strategic management Masters degree and an MBA from Manchester university, Joseph has a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge. Joseph is also currently undertaking the world’s first master’s degree in Digital Currency via the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. Joseph has previously worked in senior roles for Bearing Point, Ericsson, The Litmus Group and AIB. Joseph had the vision to create a company that can be profitable as well as socially responsible. Harnessing cutting edge technology and making the experience as seamless as possible for the unbanked and digitally under-served has been Joseph’s objective from day one.

Niall Dennehy
COO | Co-Founder

Niall Dennehy

Niall is the Chief Operations Officer at AID:Tech. Niall has a background in software design & development. Niall co-founded a number of companies including Imprez, PresX and most recently AID:Tech. Niall combines his unique skill-sets in design & development with proven business acumen. Niall has led the design and development of numerous award winning apps and platforms and is employing these same skills to make the AID:Tech platform one of the world’s best. Niall is also an avid endurance athlete and has completed numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and IronMan triathlons.

Tone Rosingholm AID:Tech Advisor

Tone Rosingholm

A former Investment Banker At UBS, JP Morgan and Chase, Tone is currently a Venture Partner At Dreamscape Ventures. Tone brings rigour to AID:Tech’s operations and funding Strategy.


Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky

Sasha is the Chief Technology Officer. He used to be a Cognitive Neuroscientist, working at some of the best labs in Cambridge and Nijmegen. After leaving academia he dabbled in startups with social goals, from democratising science to helping accelerate a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. His background helps him effectively crunch through swathes of data.

Flavien Charlon

Flavien Charlon

Flavien is the Lead Engineer at AID:Tech. Flavien previously worked at Microsoft for 8 years developing the Azure platform. Flavien is a graduate of Ecole Centrale Lyon, France, where he received an Msc. in Engineering. Flavien is the author of The Open Assets Protocol which allows organizations to securely issue and trade real-world assets like commodities, securities, currencies and smart properties on the Blockchain.

Raymond Lyttle AID:Tech
Product Manager

Raymond Lyttle

Ray is the vital link between our software development and business functions. Ray works with the development team to ensure that client requirements are met while maintaining performance and usability to the highest standards. Ray ensures we provide a solid technical solution which meets our clients needs.

Lead Designer

Viv Duignan

Viv is AID:Tech’s lead designer. Viv previously worked in the EdTech space for over 10 years and was the creative inspiration for numerous games, apps and learning platforms. Viv is also one of the world’s leading Virtual Reality designers and has had his work featured at numerous conferences. Viv’s ambition is to bring best practice product design to people in the developing world.

Program Manager

Grace Ma

Grace provides support to the growing multitude of AID:Tech’s Blockchain use cases. Grace has accumulated several years of experience working in the Blockchain and crowdfunding industry, together with a great deal of personal interest in emerging technology and alternative finance, she is delighted to be part of the team using technology to generate real social impact.


Santhosh Parampottupadam

Santhosh is Cloudera/AWS certified Big Data professional with experience in various ecosystem tools. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in cloud computing in the National College of Dublin, Ireland. Santhosh also has over 4 years of IT experience and has worked with Tata Consultancy Services. He has a strong passion towards data science and machine learning. Santhosh is also an athlete, having participated in various sports events.


Sreenath Venugopalan

Sreenath is a web developer with 4 years of IT industry experience. He specialises in Java and web frameworks and is highly fascinated about distributed programming paradigms. Sreenath previously worked with Tata Consultancy Services in India. Sreenath is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Cloud Computing from the National College of Ireland, Dublin. He is a travel enthusiast and also a badminton player too.

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