Meet our team

CEO | Co-Founder

Joseph Thompson

Joseph combines a background in management consultancy with strategic IT management, boosting a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge. Previous to founding AID:Tech, he held a number of senior positions at Bearing Point, Ericsson, The Litmus Group and AIB. It is Joseph’s vision to harness cutting-edge technology and build a company that is both profitable and socially responsible.

COO | Co-Founder

Niall Dennehy

With a background in software design & development, Niall combines his unique skill-sets with proven business acumen. Prior to founding AID:Tech with Joseph, Niall held multiple positions as Business Analyst whilst also leading the design and development of numerous award winning apps and platforms. Niall also co-founded Imprez and PresX.


Alejandro (Sasha) Vicente Grabovetsky

Also the Chief Data Scientist. Trained as a cognitive neuroscientist, Sasha has worked at some of the best laboratories in Cambridge and Nijmegen. He spends his time across academia and socially responsible startups – from democratising science to helping accelerate a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.


Danny Curran

Danny has in-depth experience in generating and optimizing large revenue streams across the public, corporate, trust and government funding – locally, nationally and internationally. He also has a successful track record in developing direct and strategic fundraising partnership agreements across all sectors during his 7 years as a Senior Manager with the Red Cross.

Program Manager

Grace Ma

Grace has worked in the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding industries alongside early-stage startups, prior to joining AID:Tech. Highly disciplined and organised, she carries her skillset over to AID:Tech at this highly pivotal juncture.


Nicola Paoli

A full-stack developer, Nicola is working on a series of projects in education, open-data and enterprise applications. His passion in tech and innovation has also brought him to focus on distributed applications and Hyperledger implementations.


Flavien Charlon

Flavien was previously at Microsoft developing the Azure platform. He is also the author of The Open Assets Protocol, allowing organizations to securely issue and trade real-world assets like commodities, securities, currencies and smart properties on the Blockchain.


Martin Woods

Previously at LexisNexis for over 2 years. Martin has 15 years experience as a Software and Application Support Specialist and Systems Engineer with a number of major companies including Paddy Power and Hewlett Packard.


Dr. Nawfal F Fadhel

Nawfal specialises in threat analysis of cyber-physical systems, supply chain and blockchain. He also mentors students on entrepreneurship and was a founding member of the entrepreneurs club in electronic and computer science at the University of Southampton.